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Alpine nourishment in our SPA

The absolute star of the pure ALTITUDE range is the edelweiss that is combined with more than 50 different extracts from alpine plants. We carefully monitor each stage of the process and pay the utmost respect to the environment. The products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Each product has been dermatologically tested to the highest possible efficacy and tolerability.
To guarantee this efficacy, pure ALTITUDE uses unique botanical ingredients. There is also a mixture of plants and minerals with remarkable cosmetic virtues that are employed in addition to edelweiss.


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Facial Treatments pure Altitude

  • A touch of Hoarfrost

    This short facial treatment bestows your face with a beautiful radiant appearance and a fresh complexion in the shortest of times. Be enchanted by the pure alpine scents.

    • Cleaning ritual
    • Deep cleansing
    • Refreshing ice flower mask
    • Edelweiss cream

    approx. 50 min.

    € 59,00
  • Edelweiss - Pure Glacial Beauty

    Strengthening and regenerating facial. Be enchanted by the clear mountain scents.

    • Cleansing
    • Balm & mint tonic
    • Cereal scrub
    • Deep cleansing
    • Eyebrow correction
    • Blueberry mask
    • Intensive serum
    • Facial massage
    • Daily skincare

    approx. 80 min.


    € 89,00
  • Alpine Queen

    The power of the pure Mont Blanc spring water and highly active Alpine extracts are effective against the ageing process.

    • Cleansing ritual
    • Cereal scrub
    • Deep cleansing
    • Eyebrow correction
    • Himalayan elixir
    • Lifting mask with pink clay, edelweiss and honey
    • Jade stone massage
    • Rose cream

    approx. 90 min.


    € 105,00

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