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From calming to activating

Whichever massage you choose at the Berghof SPA, you will always be in good hands. Our soothing massages provide balance, relaxation and energy. Our special tip: Give yourself over to the stone pine goddess and restore body and soul
back into perfect harmony.


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Massages for Relaxation and Well-being

  • Full Body Massage

    This application enhances blood circulation in the entire body, balancing tension and relaxation in the musculature.
    approx. 50 min.

    € 59,00
  • Partial Massage

    Ideal for combating tension with a targeted treatment. Choose between an intensive back or leg massage.

    approx. 40 min. € 53,00
    approx. 25 min.


    € 39,00
  • Combined Massage

    This is an ideal combination of a back massage and foot reflex zone massage.
    approx. 50 min.

    € 63,00
  • Foot Reflexology Massage

    The foot is considered the mirror of the body. This application mobilises the body's own reserves and increases vitality and energy levels. Activates the entire organism.
    approx. 25 min.

    € 39,00
  • Breuss massage

    An energetic, highly sensitive special massage of the spine with St. John’s Wort oil. This massage initiates the regeneration of undernourished spinal discs, and is the key to addressing a host of problems in the body's locomotive apparatus - particularly in the sacral region.
    approx. 50 min

    € 84,00
  • Sports Massage

    The aim of this massage is to rapidly relieve tiredness and to provide the stressed joints and muscles with gentle support in order to speed up the regeneration process after sport.
    approx. 40 min.

    € 56,00
  • Stone Pine Goddess

    Experience the aroma of the stone pines all over your body. Has a balancing and calming effect, promotes natural balanced circulation and gives a feeling of freshness. Works true wonders for inner unrest.
    approx. 70 min.

    € 95,00
  • Candle Ritual

    The soothing massage with warm candle balm from shea butter sends you into relaxation and tranquillity. Enjoy the alpine world! The skin is nourished and regenerated.
    approx. 40 min. € 55,00
    approx. 50 min.

    € 70,00
  • Massage with Mountain Balm

    A full body massage with warm alpine herbal balm and precious oils increases the general sense of well-being. Enjoy a soothing massage with lavender, mint, sage and other alpine herbs! An ideal massage after sporting activities.
    approx. 25 min. € 40,00
    approx. 50 min.

    € 70,00
  • Let go!

    Warming moor cushion aimed at relaxing the back muscles, followed by a massage with wolf's bane-Arnica.
    approx. 50 min.

    € 68,00
  • Hot Stone Massage

    The energy from hot stones gliding gently over the body brings harmony and well-being to the body. Pamper your senses! The body and soul plunge into a state of deep relaxation where stress disappears.
    approx. 60 min.

    € 79,00
  • Herbal Garden

    Set off on a magical journey with hot herbs and oils. Helps to regenerate strained nerves.
    approx. 50 min.

    € 75,00
  • Balance

    When the hectic rhythm of everyday life, stress and lack of sleep starts to affect your mood and vitality, then it's time to experience and enjoy this massage. An experience of overall wellbeing, a complete feeling of deep relaxation, balance and new energy.
    approx. 70 min.

    € 90,00
  • Fit Feet

    "Fit Feet" is exactly the treatment for anyone whose feet undergo a lot of strain and are in need of regeneration, to help restore a soothing feeling of relaxation from the little toe to the last hair root.
    approx. 40 min.

    € 52,00

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